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Keokuk Forced To Cancel Council Meeting

Keokuk, IA – Business did not go on as usual for Keokuk's city council last night. The city council was forced to cancel its meeting because it did not have enough members in attendance. Since there are 9 seats on the council, 5 members must be present to hold an official meeting. Last night, just 4 showed up. Mayor Dave Gudgel says that while the cancellation will be forgotten in a couple of months, it is agrevating. The council has come close to cancelling meetings in recent months due to a lack of attendance. One contributing factor is a pair of vacant seats. Gudgel says the only thing the council needed to do was approve payments for the city's bills, which he says can be done in a special meeting next week. Other items on the agenda included a presentation on Keokuk's sister cities program and the second reading of an ordinance banning large storage trailers.