Keokuk Firefighters Looking For Raise

Keokuk, IA – Keokuk's firefighters are looking for a raise.

The current contract between Keokuk and the union representing members of the city's fire department runs out June 30. The firefighters are proposing a new three year deal.

The contract proposal includes an annual wage increase of 5%. It would also call for a $500 payment to firefighters who are certified emergency medical technicians.

The firefighters also want to reduce the amount of required continuing HAZMAT education and increase vacation time based on a firefighter's experience.

The union also wants the city to increase the funeral expense benefit and extend family health insurance coverage for firefighters killed in the line of duty.

The city will soon present a counter-offer to the Keokuk Fire Department. The contract proposal from the firefighter union was to have taken place during a public meeting.

Once both sides have presented their contract proposals, negotiations will move behind closed doors.

The city is still waiting to receive the initial contract proposals from the unions representing employees of the wastewater treatment plant and employees in several departments: parks, streets etc.