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Keokuk Delays Garbage Fines

Keokuk, IA – Those in violation of Keokuk's garbage laws have one month to come in compliance.
The city has been following the garbage trucks, this week, checking for homes with more than 2 trash cans, cans larger than 33 gallons, or cans without tight-fitting lids. Code enforcement officer Kathie Mahoney says more than 300 households, on the north side of Keokuk, violated one of the code requirements. The cans were tagged and the garbage was not picked up. Mahoney has not figured the number on the city's south side. Originally, residents had one week to come in compliance, or face a $50 fine. Due to the number of offenders, residents will have until May 1 to get the proper cans or lids. The city council says it will look into changing the laws to allow for 34- or 35-gallon cans that have wheels on them.