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Keokuk Could Set Parking Requirements

Keokuk, IA – City code sets a limit on how long someone can park in certain "zones." The zones establish one-hour, two-hour, four-hour, and unlimited time frames.

Community Development Director Pam Broomhall says there is a problem with the code. She says it does not say where each zone is located.

Keokuk's Code Revision Committee wants to define those zones. The focus is on zone one.

Zone one would include Keokuk's downtown district. It would restrict parking to one hour along Main Street.

Police Chief Tom Crew says the changes would not impact how his officers handle parking issues. He says the current enforcement plan is based on complaints.

"We send an officer out there," says Crew, "and they usually watch that vehicle and if it stays there for a long period of time, they cite it."

Crew says it has been years since Keokuk dedicated an office to parking issues. He says the department would alter its enforcement plan if required by the Keokuk City Council.

Code Revision Committee Chairman Mike O'Connor says he wants to get public input on the proposal. He says that will come because any change would require three votes by the full city council and possibly a public hearing.

The panel also wants to reverse a ban on parking along South 4th Street near the former Tri-City Energy biodiesel plant and possible eliminate 10-minute parking in front of Keokuk Water Works office on North 4th.

It's unclear when such proposals could come before the Keokuk City Council.