Keokuk Civil War Symposium Makes Debut

Keokuk, IA – The 23rd annual Civil War Reenactment took place in Keokuk over the weekend.

The event allows history fans to watch the battles, talk to the Union and Confederate soldiers, and learn about life in the 1860's. A new feature gave participants an even closer look at the Civil War, in particular, the importance of the Mighty Mississippi.

More than 50 people turned out for the Keokuk Civil War Symposium : The Fight for the Mississippi. The 6 hour event featured five guest lecturers.

The quintet spoke about the importance of the Mississippi River during the Civil War, the mobilization of troops from Iowa, and the events that led the North to victory.

Organizer Chris Schevers says the symposium brought a new dimension to the hand-on, visual events that take place during the re-enactment. He says he has always had a love for history and chose the presenters based on who he would love to listen to.

Schevers was very pleased with the turnout, in particular, the fact that a group of high school students attended the event. He says the turn-out should result in the Keokuk Civil War Symposium becoming a staple of the annual Civil War Reenactment in Keokuk.