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Keokuk City Council Tours Industry

Feb 13, 2013

The Keokuk City Council got an inside look at one of the city’s largest employers.

Members of the Keokuk City Council get an overview of Roquette America's history
Credit Roquette America

Seven of the nine members of the panel took advantage of an offer from Roquette America to tour its plant along the Mississippi River.

Vice President Dominique Baumann says the idea for the tour resulted from a discussion with Mayor Tom Marion.

Baumann says the idea was to give the city a better understanding of what Roquette America does on a daily basis.

Members of the Keokuk City Council get a firsthand look at what Roquette America is doing.
Credit Roquette America

He says the company is currently focused on improving its wastewater treatment system and addressing material spills and discharges.

Baumann says growth and expansion is also a priority for Roquette America, in particular in the areas of green chemistry and health and nutrition products.

He says the company would like to see more cluster businesses pop up around the Keokuk plant over the next 5-10 years.

Seven members of the Keokuk City Council took part in the tour of Roquette America's riverfront plant.
Credit Roquette America

Before their tour, the city council members got an overview of the company’s history and its global operations.

Baumann says Roquette America’s parent company has 20 production plants throughout the world.

The company purchased the Keokuk plant in 1991.