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Keokuk Capping Summer Sewer Bills

May 21, 2013

Some Keokuk residents will pay less for sewer services this summer.

The Keokuk City Council is capping sewer bills

The city council has agreed to cap residential sewer bills through September.

The bills will not be allowed to exceed 125% of their winter levels.

If no winter bills are available for comparison, though, the cap will not be enforced.

Mayor Tom Marion says this will help residents fill swimming pools or water lawns.

“A lot of that water is not going into the sewer,” says Marion.  “It is going into a yard so it isn’t being used by the sewer.  We just thought it was a fair opportunity.”

The cap does not apply to commercial or industrial properties.

Marion says recent sewer rate increases are generating enough revenue to allow for residential bills to be capped through September.