Keokuk Budget Update

Keokuk, IA – Keokuk is using a more stream-lined method for crafting its budget for the fiscal year that begins July 1. Mayor Tom Marion, Finance Director John Russell and City Clerk Shirlee Laubersheimer have spent the last few weeks meeting with department heads to review line-item budgets.

The numbers generated by those meetings have been plugged into the proposed budget. Early projections show a roughly $400,000 shortfall in the general fund.

That number could grow as several departments are seeking capital expenses.

The parks department wants to repair a retaining wall in Rand Park while the fire department would like a storage and parking building. The Keokuk Police Department wants squad cars.

Mayor Tom Marion says there could be some room in the budget for capital expenses. But he says the goal is to find the room without using contingency funds.

Marion says the Keokuk City Council will review the capital expenses again next month. He says the panel will use a special workshop on Saturday, Jan. 30 to look at the line-item budgets and decide what should be added or subtracted.

Marion says the projected budget does include 3% pay hikes for all employees. He says that could change, though, based on union negotiations and future budget talks.