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Keokuk Area Hospital Seeking Public Support

Keokuk, IA – Roughly 75% of the clients served by Keokuk Area Hospital are either indigent or on Medicare or Medicaid.

CEO Al Zastrow says in those cases, the hospital is not being reimbursed nearly as much as it should be for the services provided.

He says there is a reimbursement discrepancy from state to state and from hospital to hospital, depending on its size.

Zastrow says if Keokuk Area Hospital can receive the designation of being a "Critical Access" facility, reimbursement rates would increase.

The Lee County Board of Supervisors has written a letter in support of KAH's effort.

Zastrow says staff has been pushing for the designation for years with no success, so he hopes gathering public support will help.

"People who not only live in this community, but rely on the hospital," says Zastrow, "and understand the implications of what this community would be like without a hospital."

Zastrow says Keokuk Area Hospital is not in jeopardy of closing in the short term.

He says he is concerned about its future.

Zastrow says the hospital's website will soon feature sample letters and addresses for people willing to write to their federal representatives.