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Keokuk Approves Site for Musicians Memorial

Jul 24, 2017

The Keokuk City Council will allow a monument honoring Tri-State Area musicians to be constructed along the Mississippi River, near the George M. Verity Riverboat Museum.

The Keokuk Musicians Memorial will be a jet-black granite tablet. The front of the tablet will feature some music-inspired artwork and a memorial quote while the back will include the names of deceased local musicians.

Along with the tablet, there will be two light grey granite benches that will also feature music-inspired artwork.

Credit Harrison Monuments - Quincy/Warsaw

Lisa LeMatty is the chair of the Keokuk Musicians Memorial Committee, a role she assumed about five years ago.

“My husband, Todd LeMatty, was involved in trying to raise money for the Musicians Memorial [since the beginning],” said Lisa LeMatty. “I lost him about five years ago. It was kind of a deep promise to him that I make sure I got it accomplished.”

The first Musicians Memorial concert was held in 2007 to honor local musicians who had passed away. It ended up becoming an annual event.

LeMatty said a couple years after the first concert, it was decided to build a memorial. She said since then, there have been several people in charge of the effort, a couple designs for the memorial and a few possible locations including Rand Park.

Credit Harrison Monuments - Quincy/Warsaw

 LeMatty said it’s all come together now along the riverfront. She said the money has been raised for the material, the site preparation and the construction, though fundraising will likely continue for long-term maintenance.

LeMatty said construction will get underway after the annual Rollin on the River music festival next month. She hopes it can be completed in a couple weekends.