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Judge Maintains Anonymity in Keokuk Lawsuit

Apr 28, 2013

The identity of a woman suing a Keokuk teacher for sexual abuse will not be made public.

The woman used the pseudonym Jane Doe II when she filed a lawsuit against Gina Sisk earlier this year.

She says Sisk sexually abused her for about two years starting in 2009.

Jane Doe II says the abuse occurred while she was a student.

The Keokuk School District and former high school principal Michelle Lukavsky are also listed as defendants.

The defendants had filed motions seeking to have the case dismissed and/or to have Jane Doe II’s identity revealed.

District Judge John Wright overruled the motions earlier this month.

He said in his four-page ruling that the court has the discretion to allow the term Jane Doe II based on the allegations in the case.

Judge Wright did rule her identity must be revealed to the court and the defendants, but he says it will be kept in a confidential portion of the public file.

Gina Sisk faces two similar lawsuits in Henry County from a woman identified only as Jane Doe.

Judge Wright rejected a similar request in one of the Henry County lawsuits to publically reveal the identity of Jane Doe.