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Jim Davidson : Tough Decisions Ahead

Sep 30, 2013

Burlington Mayor Jim Davidson has served on the city council for six years.  The panel chooses one of its own as mayor every two years.

Burlington Mayor Jim Davidson

Davidson says he wants another four-year term in office so he can continue working to get Burlington's finances in order.

He says some very difficult decisions must be made in the very near future if Burlington is going to balance its current budget as well as future spending plans.

"Since personnel makes up about 80% of any governmental units', particularly city, budgets," says Davidson, "you are pretty much down to, at some point along the way, we are just going to have to cut personnel."

Davidson says it also appears likely that the property tax rate in Burlington will have to increase.

He says if re-elected, he will continue the push to find a new home for the Burlington Police Department and to improve city streets.

Davidson says he also rejects notions that the city should get rid of the city manager position.

"I think you are cutting off your nose to spite your face if you eliminate the position of city manager," says Davidson.

Davidson was part of the council that hired City Manager Jim Ferneau.

He says he sees a lot of nice things happening in the downtown.

"I have faith in this community and faith in the people in this community.”

The primary election in Burlington is Tuesday, Oct. 8.  The list of 11 candidates will be reduced six following the election.