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Jane Abell : Improve Communication

Sep 9, 2013

Jane Abell says she will promote communication and community involvement if elected to the Keokuk School Board on Tuesday, Sept. 10.

She is one of four candidates whose names will appear on the ballot.

Abell has been involved in education for much of her adult life, be it through teaching, designing courses or serving on advisory committees.

She wants to see Keokuk’s teachers and administrators more involved in community activities, so parents and residents can get to know them outside of school.

“Sometimes, just informally, you can have a lot of good communication (by) interacting with people in the community,” says Abell.

She would also support the establishment of advisory panels for each school building. 

They would include parents, teachers, administrators and even students who would be asked to help make important decisions.

Abell wants to see the district do a better job of describing its programs through radio or newspaper interviews.

“Monthly or bi-monthly,” says Abell, “to better inform the public of what we are doing in the school system and why we are doing it.  I am a strong believer in communication.”

Abell says she wants to see more open houses throughout the district to encourage parental involvement. 

She also supports a more interactive website for parents to access and improved security at all of Keokuk’s schools.