Jacking Up Late Fees

Macomb, IL – There is not much incentive for hotels and motels in Macomb to pay bed tax money to the city in a timely fashion. But that's about to change.

The problem is the paltry late fee. It's just one-sixth of one-percent.

City Administrator Dean Torreson says it's not unusual for some of the businesses to skip paying the money for a few months.

"Quite a few of the motels in the community don't pay on a regular basis. They may be two or three months behind," says Torreson.

Aldermen will be asked to increase the fee to 1.5%. The recommendation comes from the city's Community Development Committee.

The new late fee will be in the form of an ordinance. That means the city council will be required to hold two readings on it before giving approval. The plan will also come up for discussion at a Committee of the Whole meeting.

The 1.5% could become the standard late fee for the city. It would apply to to anything for which there is not already a set late fee schedule.

Also during their September 14 Committee of the Whole meeting, aldermen heard a proposal to waive the fence requirement for a water detention pond at a planned addition to the Wesley Estates development on East Grant Street at Candy Lane.

Developers would like it to serve as more than a detention pond. They would like it to be available to residents and their guests to walk around on a paved pathway. It might also be a fishing spot.

They say it would most likely include a floating fountain in the middle for aesthetics and to keep the pond healthy.

Aldermen appear to support the plan.