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Iowa National Guard Will Raise Keokuk Fence

Keokuk, IA – The Iowa National Guard says it will build a taller fence around its armory in Keokuk.

The current chain-link fence is 6' tall. It is topped with strands of barbed wire.

The Keokuk Board of Adjustment ruled, in July, that the chain-link portion must be 8' tall. The panel was worried about children getting their hands caught in the fence while walking to the Keokuk Aquatics Center.

The city filed an injunction in District Court against the Iowa National Guard.

Major Chris Clausen is deputy state judge advocate for the Iowa National Guard. He announced on Friday, October 9, that the organization has agreed to extend the height of the fence by two feet.

Clausen says crews are examining the fence to see if it can be extended or if a new fence is needed. He says there is no timeline in place for altering the fence.

Clausen says the Iowa National Guard went forward with the six-foot fence based on previous discussions with the city. It was several months before the city realized that the issue must go before the Keokuk Board of Adjustment.

City Attorney Tom Marion says Keokuk is aware of the Iowa National Guard's proposal. He says any future legal action would depend on how the organization resolves the issue.