Housing Committee Survey to be Distributed

Rushville, IL – Rushville's Housing Committee is ready to distribute its first survey.

Chairwoman June Connor says the city-appointed committee has developed a basic survey of how many rooms in a home and how many people occupy them.

She says there are also some questions of a "what if" nature.

The group was charged by the city council to help it determine what the housing stock was in Rushville and what types of housing were most needed.

Connor says a second, smaller might be sent to targeted residential populations after the initial survey is received.

The data will be analyzed by the Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs. She says the committee will then turn its recommendations to the city council.

More information:

Connor says the city will try to reach all households to collect the basic information.

Volunteers from different youth groups will hang the surveys on doors beginning Monday.

The volunteers will also collect the information from the homes on Oct. 14, giving residents about one week to fill out the form.