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Hoax Caller in Trouble Again

May 23, 2014

The man charged in Macomb for a hoax 911 phone call last year has been arrested again.

Macomb police said Alvin Montgomery, age 26, was printing counterfeit money.

Montgomery and the printer were found at 321 North McArthur St, Apt 1, Thursday afternoon. Police also found what they described as “burned evidence,” which is believed to be counterfeit money.

Alvin Montgomery
Credit McDonough County Sheriff's Department

He was taken into custody and charged with Obstructing Justice, Deceptive Practice, and Forgery.

Police said their investigation began after they received complaints about counterfeit money being circulated through several local businesses and banks. So far they have come across phony five and fifty dollar bills.

In the earlier case, Montgomery pleaded guilty to one count of disorderly conduct for a hoax call to 911 in March, 2013.  The Macomb Police Department, the McDonough County Sheriff’s Department, Illinois State Police, and the Western Illinois University Office of Public Safety responded to the call, fearing someone inside the house at 509 West Murray St was in trouble. 

After five hours they discovered the house was empty.

As part of the plea deal Montgomery was ordered to pay $12,691.91 restitution for the police response.