Historic Status Sought For Old Lamoine Hotel

Macomb, IL – Macomb's Historic Preservation Commission is trying to get the old Lamoine Hotel on the National Register of Historic Places.

The iconic downtown building, which houses the McDonough County Voice on the first floor, has fallen into disrepair over the years. It will take millions of dollars to rehabilitate.

Community Development Coordinator Ed Basch says the city has received permission to submit an application for historic status to the state. The state will then, in turn, submit the application to the National Park Service.

Basch says if there's any hope of viably using the hotel again, the historic designation is needed.

"It opens up the door for federal tax credits," says Basch. "There are also some funding sources out there that are only for nationally designated structures. Between tax credits and maybe some smaller grants, it might just close the gap."

Basch's ultimate hope is that there will be enough interest to turn the Lamoine into a multi-use building, featuring apartments, condos, and perhaps even some businesses.

Basch says the city should have a better idea about the building's status by early this summer.