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Hinton : Busy First Two Months

Sep 4, 2012

Keokuk’s new police chief says his first two months on the job have been pretty busy.

Dave Hinton assumed control of the Keokuk Police Department in early July, following the retirement of then-chief Tom Crew.

Hinton has been with the department for more than two decades.  His previous job title was Chief of Police.

He is also a former commander of the Lee County Narcotics Task Force and has been involved in the development of a cyber-crimes task force. 

Hinton says his new job has made him very popular, which is something he didn’t expect.  He says everyone wants time to meet with the new guy.

Hinton says when he first got into law enforcement, he did not see himself moving up to the position of chief.

He hopes to hold some staff meetings in the coming weeks to make sure the entire department is on the same page.

One of Hinton's first tasks was to fill several vacancies within the department.

He recently named Captain Jay Whitaker to the position of assistant chief, and three new police officers recently took the oath of office.