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Higher Fines Possible in Macomb

Aug 27, 2012

It could soon cost more if you violate certain ordinances in Macomb.

City staff researched the fines charged in other college towns in Illinois and drafted a proposal for aldermen to review.

“We're not trying to target anybody unless they target us,” said Seventh Ward Alderman Clay Hinderliter. “If they choose to do the right thing, everything will be fine.”

Aldermen will hold first reading of the changes on Tuesday, September 4.

For the most part, the fines will increase $50 if aldermen approve the changes.

A sample of the violations, followed by the current fine and the suggested new fine:

  • Using a false ID: $250/$300
  • Resisting/obstructing arrest: $100/$150
  • Sale/Delivery of alcohol to a minor: $250/$300
  • Possession of cannabis: $250/$300
  • All others: $75/$100

The comparisons to other college towns vary. For example, the fine for sale/delivery of alcohol to a minor is $500 in Normal and Carbondale and more than $300 in DeKalb and Champaign, but just $200 in Charleston.

Using a false ID will cost you $320 in Champaign, $300 in Charleston, $250 in DeKalb and Carbondale, and $200 in Normal.