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Heavy Rain Delays Planting for Tri-States

May 7, 2013

Iowa received almost twice its average amount of rainfall in April.  The precipitation replenished soil moisture but delayed this spring’s planting.

USDA Weekly crop update for May 5th.
Credit SSS

The latest water summary from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources shows all but the far western part of Iowa as being "out-of-drought" conditions and with adequate sub-soil moisture.

Iowa State University Extension Climatologist Elwynn Taylor said the weather pattern that caused the heavy rains in April is unlikely to continue through the whole month of May.

"Overall, it seems like you're better off to be a few days or a week later than you would like to be and have it in soil that was in the proper moisture at the time you planted so that you get a good planting and establish a good stand in your field," said Taylor.

The USDA’s weekly crop report puts Iowa’s corn at 8% planted, 34% behind the average for this week. Illinois has 7% of its corn in, which is 41% behind the average for this time.

Missouri has planted 22% of its corn crop planted, which is 31% behind its average.