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Healthcare Provider to Close in Macomb

Feb 18, 2013

The dental services provided by Eagleview Community Health System in Macomb will come to an end April 11, and the medical services will end June 27.

“We’ve had to make these cuts kicking and screaming,” said Melinda Whiteman, Eagleview Executive Director. “We’re very saddened that we have to do this.”

Eagleview's office in Macomb
Credit Rich Egger

Whiteman said the Eagleview facilities in Stronghurst and Oquawka will remain open. Those have been in place longer, and Eagleview has received federal grant money for serving Medicaid and low income patients in Henderson County.

However, the amount of federal grant money provided to Eagleview did not increase when it opened the center in Macomb.

“So we were stretching out our grant dollars even further,” Whiteman said.

Last year with our grant funds we supplemented that site (the Macomb center) a quarter-million dollars

Whiteman also said Eagleview could lose as much as nine-percent of its federal grant funding if sequestration is allowed to happen on March 1.

Eagleview opened its Macomb facility five years ago.