Health Care Debate Continues

Macomb, IL – Western Illinois' Congressman is disappointed the health care bill was not taken up in the House before going on summer break. "We have dozens of people who come to our office who absolutely are losing their homes because of high medical bills they are trying to pay off," says Democrat Phil Hare.

Hare says some Congressmen are willing to skip the "August recess" to continue working on the bill. But Hare says only 118 members of the House were willing to stay, which was not enough.

Even though lawmakers will be on break, Hare anticipates a great deal of discussion during the next month. "You can bet a lot of money, if you had it, that the insurance lobby will be out pounding people with a lot of inaccuracies on the bill," says Hare. "We better spend August telling the American people what this bill is really about."

"Everybody is responsible for fixing this crisis," Hare says. "Whether it's the individuals or the employer, we are all in this together."

Hare feels Republicans and the insurance lobby are trying to "scare the American public." Hare claims Republicans are working to tear the bill apart by telling people the government is taking over health care and insurance premiums will go up.

He anticipates the bill will be approved by the House shortly after Congress returns in September.

To hear more with Congressman Hare on the health care issue, click the audio link above.