Hancock County Deactivation To Continue

Warsaw, IL – The Warsaw and Nauvoo-Colusa School Districts started talking reorganization in early 2007. Those talks led to a public vote in February 2008.

Residents in the two districts overwhelmingly agreed to a double-school deactivation. That led to all junior high students traveling to Nauvoo and all high school students attending classes in Warsaw later that year.

The two-year deactivation agreement between Warsaw and Nauvoo-Colusa expires at the end of the current school year. The boards of education for each district have agreed to a two-year extension.

Warsaw Superintendent Kim Schilson says the agreement has done a lot for the students of both districts. She says it starts with curriculum.

Schilson says classes have been added to at the junior high and high school levels. She says that would not have happened without the deactivation because of declining enrollments.

Schilson says there are a few opportunities for improvement. She says they include event scheduling and student transportation.

The double-school deactivation was said to be the first in Illinois at the time. The deactivation does not cover elementary school students in either district.