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A Green Space for Bushnell

Bushnell, IL – Progress has been made at the "Green Space" on Main Street in Bushnell. Carl Sandburg College started working on the area last summer.

Extension Center Coordinator Jennifer Scott says phase one of the project has been finished and phase two will be completed this summer. "Phase one included one general area at the front part of the space where there's a bench, planters, trees, and bushes," Scott says. "Phase two includes some more planting and mulching."

She says it's important to have a green space on Main Street. "With us being a community college and people having time in between their classes, we wanted a place where the students can go out there and sit," Scott says. "And also the community can stop in there. We just wanted to have a place where everybody can enjoy."

Scott hopes a mural can be painted next summer on the side of one of the buildings that surrounds the green space. "We've started the discussions on trying to figure out what we are going to put on that wall," says Scott. "Hopefully that will go right along with how the green space is going to be. So it will be a continuation from what's on the wall to what's in the green space."

The Carl Sandburg College Foundation purchased the lot next to the Extension Center in 2004. Scott says the building located on that lot was torn down and the area was cleared out in 2007. "At that time is when we began trying to figure out a plan for the green space," says Scott.

Scott says the green space is being paid for with donations from businesses, organizations, and individuals in the area.