Green Candidate Not A Fan of Wind Farms

Macomb, IL – The Green Party candidate for a western Illinois congressional seat thinks wind farms are a waste of money.

Roger Davis thinks smaller scale projects might be best.

"Why not have each home have a little wind turbine and a solar collector panel? It cuts down the cost of electricity for the consumer and they also get to sell some back so actually they save money," says Davis.

Davis also believes the nation should place a greater emphasis on increasing its bio-diesel production.

Davis says he's liberal on some issues. For example, he supports gay rights and opposes the "Defense of Marriage Act."

Davis says he's conservative when it comes to fiscal issues.

He says too many politicians are entrenched in party politics. He says they won't work toward a compromise and therefore nothing gets accomplished.

Davis says he's running for Congress because the 17th District deserves a better congressman than Democratic incumbent Phil Hare.

Davis says Republican nominee Bobby Schilling is a single issue candidate who's running to outlaw abortion. Davis says he opposes efforts to roll back abortion rights.

Davis is age 54. He is from Quincy. He's never held elected office, though he's run for public office in Quincy a couple times.