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Grain Bin Fire Damage Still Being Assessed

Jul 14, 2014

Western Grain Marketing continues to calculate the damages from the large grain bin fire that occurred near Adair, Il in McDonough County.

The grain bin had about 800,000 bushels of dried corn inside when the fire ignited nearly two months ago.

Credit Western Grain Marketing

WGM Merchandiser Darla Pittman said the total damage is unknown despite emptying the bin a couple weeks ago.

"It's really hard when you have a grain bin that big to truly know the damage inside, so we're still working on that," said Pittman.

WGM is currently working with an insurance company to get a better grasp on the total damages from the fire.

Investigators believed it sparked from spontaneous combustion at the time of the fire.  Pittman said the company will most likely stick with that notion.