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Gone Fishing

May 15, 2014
Originally published on May 16, 2014 2:47 pm

There's something fishy about this final round. Every answer contains a type of fish, but be careful: some are unexpected. Did you know that a mullet isn't just Billy Ray Cyrus' go-to hairstyle?

Heard in Episode 317: Puzzle Hard

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Now we're going to crown this week's grand champion. Let's bring back from How Now, Brown Cow, Jim Naugle; from Nick Names, Silvija Ozols; from Tonight We're Going to Party, Drew Kostic; and from Unruly Passengers, Phil Betheil.


EISENBERG: Our puzzle guru Art Chung will take us out and crown a winner.

ART CHUNG: Thanks, Ophira. This final round is titled Gone Fishing. In this game, all the answers contain the name of the fish or other aquatic creature. For example, if I said, it's a plot device in a crime novel that draws attention from the mystery solution. You would say red herring. We're going to play this spelling bee style so one wrong answer and you're out. You only have a few seconds to give me that answer. The last person standing is our ASK ME ANOTHER grand winner. Remember, every answer will contain the name of a fish or other aquatic creature.

Here we go. Jim, it's a cheddar flavored baked snack cracker from Pepperidge Farm.

JIM NAUGLE: Goldfish cracker?

CHUNG: Goldfish is correct.


CHUNG: Silvija, a person who lends money at extremely high interest rates.

SILVIJA OZOLS: A loan shark.

CHUNG: You got it.


CHUNG: Drew, according to the nursery rhyme, this character could eat no fat and his wife could eat no lean.

DREW KOSTIC: John Tripe?


CHUNG: No. I'm sorry. That sounds incorrect. Phil, do you know the answer?


CHUNG: John Trout is also not the answer we're looking for. Jim, do you know the answer?

NAUGLE: Jack Spratt?

CHUNG: Jack Spratt is the answer.


CHUNG: Thank you, Phil and Drew. We are quickly down to two players. Silvija, this ill-fated boat set on for a three hour tour before reaching Gilligan's Island.

OZOLS: The Minnow.

CHUNG: The SS Minnow. You got it.


CHUNG: Jim, Provincetown, Massachusetts is the end of this peninsula that's a popular vacation spot.

NAUGLE: Cape Cod.

CHUNG: You're, that's right.


CHUNG: Silvija, a hairstyle that short on top and sides, but long in the back.


OZOLS: A mullet?

CHUNG: Yup. That's a fish.


CHUNG: Playing this game, we learn like, oh, these are all fish names.


NAUGLE: Jack Spratt was a surprise.


CHUNG: Jim, the title of a B-52 song that also makes up most of the words in the song's chorus.

NAUGLE: "Rock Lobster."

CHUNG: Mm-hmm. That's right.


CHUNG: Silvija, it's a tube-shaped underwater projectile.

OZOLS: A stingray missile.


CHUNG: Jim, you know the answer for the win?

NAUGLE: Can I just hear it one more time?

CHUNG: Sure. It's a tube-shaped underwater projectile.

NAUGLE: Torpedo's all I've got.

CHUNG: Torpedo is right. You're the winner.



JONATHAN COULTON: That's the very definition of anti-climax right there.

EISENBERG: I know. But Jim, you did it. You're our ASK ME ANOTHER big winner. Congratulations.


EISENBERG: And as your grand prize, Andrew W.K. is going to serve as your personal party planner to help you throw the ultimate party. He will give you advice on food, decorations, entertainment and so much more, Jim.

NAUGLE: That is so me.

EISENBERG: That is so you.



EISENBERG: That is our show. Thank you so much for listening. If you would like to come to a live taping of ASK ME ANOTHER at the Bell House in Brooklyn, just go to AMAtickets.org and you can be a puzzle player any time, any place by downloading our podcast from iTunes, Stitcher, or TuneIn. ASK ME ANOTHER's puzzle guru is Art Chung.

CHUNG: Hey, my name anagrams to Narc Thug.

EISENBERG: Our house musician is Jonathan Coulton.

CHUNG: Thou jolt a cannon.

EISENBERG: With additional puzzle writing by Kyle Beckley, Karen Laurie, Jizya Madigan, Mary Tobler, Greg Volk and Christine Walters. ASK ME ANOTHER is produced by Jessie Baker, Josh Roguson, John Asante, Eleanor Kagan and our intern, Annabel Bacon, along with Portia Robertson Migas and Eric Newsome. We are recorded by Damon Whitimore and Bill Moss. We'd like to thank our home in Brooklyn, New York, the Bell House.

CHUNG: Hot Hill Blues...

EISENBERG: And our production partner, WNYC. I'm Her Ripe Begonias.

CHUNG: Ophira Eisenberg.



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