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Galesburg Ok's Urban Farming

Oct 26, 2013

Galesburg is making it easier for people to grow more of their own food.

Alderman approved an ordinance allowing various kinds of farming within city limits.

They include rooftop gardens, urban farming, hydroponics which is growing plants in water, and a type of farming that involves raising fish and using the fish waste to fertilize plants.

Student at Knox College's urban farm, council now approved farming in the rest of Galesburg.
Credit SSS

Alderman Peter Schwartzman said this is only the first step and as people actually start the different types of farming they will tailor the rules.

Schwartzman, who is also the Chair of Environmental Studies at Knox College, said urban farming provides people with healthy food and has benefits for the entire community.

"Where you see a lot of interest in urban farming and food production at the local level you see a lot of young, vibrant people, the entrepreneurs, people with innovation, people with a lot of spirit, a lot of community oriented thinking," Schwartzman said.

Schwartzman said that the types farming allowed in different parts of the city vary depending on zoning.

If people have questions he says they can call city hall and the ordinance is on the city’s website.