Galesburg Declares "No Complaint" Day

Galesburg, IL – The Galesburg City Council is taking people's bad moods into their own hands. In fact, for one day this week, you will not be allowed to complain in the city of Galesburg.

Mayor Sal Garza issued a proclamation declaring this Wednesday "No Complaint Day" in the city. He says a resident brought the idea to him because she was tired of all the negativity surrounding her, be it due to the economy, unemployment, or just plain crabby neighbors.

Garza says it's designed to be a day to pause and be thankful for family, friends, and the otherwise good things in life. He says that's partially why it falls on the day before Thanksgiving.

Not only is the day designed to help people reflect on what's important in their lives, but Garza says the effect of No Complaint Day could do good things for the city's business landscape in the future.

"When you have the opportunity to visit a community that's very positive about its future, they understand the challenges and are willing to do the hard work to position themselves, that's what business is interested in," says Garza. "They're not interested in being drawn into cesspools of negativity."

Garza is not sure if No Complaint Day will catch on every year, but he hopes it does. He says the economy is starting to rebound, and he does not want the recovery to pass by Galesburg. He says a positive, "can-do" attitude is the first step to ensure that does not happen.