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Galesburg Chamber Survey Negative on Gas Tax Hike

Oct 2, 2013

The Galesburg City Council brought up the idea of increasing the gas tax in a work session.
That spurred the Galesburg chamber of Commerce to send out an email survey to gauge support for the measure.

The council has said the increase from 4 cents a gallon to 8, would help pay for road repairs by being collateral for a multimillion dollar bond issue.

The Galesburg Chambers survey of sentiment on a possible gas tax increase came back mostly negative.
Credit Rich Egger

Galesburg Chamber of Commerce Executive Director,  Steven Brody,  said this survey got the most responses of any they’ve issued at about 160,75 percent of which were against the idea.

Brody said that even though there was not a comments section, he did speak to some business owners who said the amount of the increase was the problem.

He added that for businesses that operate a fleet of vehicles, the 4 cent increase quickly adds up. 

The Chamber forwarded the results to the City council and the Mayor’s office.