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Galesburg Approves Noisy Vehicle Ordinance

Galesburg, IL – Galesburg aldermen have agreed to crack down on drivers who blast their car stereos within city limits. The enhanced ordinance imposes harsher fines and stricter penalties.

The ordinance says a reasonable person, which includes police officers, must not be able to hear a car stereo within 75 feet of the vehicle. Violators are subject to a $75 administrative fine. A second offense within a two year period carries a $250 fine plus impoundment. A third offense will net a $500 fine plus impoundment.

Galesburg aldermen looked to other Illinois cities for ideas on how to craft the ordinance, and found Peoria's to be best suited for Galesburg. The only difference, however, is that Peoria police are allowed to impound cars after the first offense.

City Manager Dane Bragg says he's confident everyone will quickly learn the new rules.

"We'll be putting together information both for the community, as well as providers of stereo equipment etcetera over the next few weeks," says Bragg.

Mayor Sal Garza says enforcing the ordinance could be difficult. Sometimes, he says residents run out of their homes late at night or early in the morning to try getting a license plate number. If they don't get it, they simply have to tell police "which way they went."

Stings similar to those used to catch speeders, have been set up in the past to help remedy the problem. Dane Bragg says the city will implement such "targeted enforcement" efforts in the near future.

The ordinance takes effect next week.