Future of Keokuk's Arches in Question

Keokuk, IA – The former Green Tambourine building in downtown Keokuk collapsed on July 31, 2009. It took nearly six months for the clean-up process to get underway.

Crews worked at the site for a few weeks before the city put everything on hold. The decision came after a series of underground, brick arches were revealed.

What happens to that site is now in question.

Mike Foley of Montrose believes the site includes a connection to an underground tunnel. He believes the tunnel was dug many years ago and connects the Mississippi River and the intersection of 19th and Concert Streets.

A local effort is underway to preserve the site as green space. The development of an above-and-below ground park will cost several hundred dollars.

Mayor Tom Marion says the city has no money to put towards the project. He says the city would like to see a timeline for any potential preservation effort.

You can hear more on the future of the underground arches by clicking the audio link above.