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Fundraising Needed for New Donnellson Building

Apr 30, 2014

Supporters of a new city building in Donnellson are trying to get the entire community behind the project.

Donnellson Public Library

The building along Main Street would house City Hall, the police department and the public library.

Library Director Brenda Knox says now, it comes down to money.

She says a major fundraising campaign will get underway this summer to demonstrate the local support that is needed for state and federal grants.

“I realize we are a small community and it is just going to take everybody who is at all interested in the library to make this happen.”

Knox says the building will cost about $1.3-million.  She says about 2/3 of the space will be used by the library so it is responsible for about 2/3 of the cost.

Knox says the timeline for the project will depend on the fundraising campaign.

She says an Italian dinner fundraiser for the project is scheduled for Friday night at the Donnellson American Legion Hall.