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Is Freaky Fast Too Fast?

Oct 16, 2012

A motorcyclist says a sandwich chain is partly to blame for a crash in which he was injured. In a lawsuit, he says Jimmy John's "freaky fast" advertising slogan encourages reckless driving.

Bob Reynolds was on a motorcycle when a Jimmy John's driver hit him. Reynolds suffered a broken leg and has since gone through several surgeries.

The driver's insurance company settled the case, but Reynolds is suing both Jimmy John's corporate office and the franchise owner for damages.

He said the company's "subs so fast you'll freak" advertising message is partly to blame for his injuries.

But Jimmy John's lawyer Jill Lewis says Illinois law does not hold companies liable for injuries based on advertising campaigns.

“If it did, Speedy Printing would be in a whole lot of trouble. If you ever had the name 'fast' in your corporate name or your corporate slogan, you'd be in trouble, you'd be subject to liability," said Lewis. 

Reynold's case was dismissed by a trial judge so he's asking the appellate court in Springfield to give him another crack.

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