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Fort Madison Infrastructure

Fort Madison, IA – Fort Madison has awarded the contracts for two large-scale infrastructure projects. The work will soon get underway.

Merryman Excavation will build the water transmission line from the city limits to Fort Madison's new water treatment plant. The Woodstock, Illinois firm will receive roughly $2.7-million.

City Manager Byron Smith says the contract is roughly $1.5-million less than original estimates. The city will pay for the project through loans, grants, and revenue from water bills.

Smith says the contract calls for the water transmission line to branch off to the Lee County Jail by Jan. 31. He says there is some final paperwork that must be done before the work can get underway.

Smith says the city and the county are still working on a water purchase agreement. He says the two sides continue to swap proposals.

The county needs a new water source because of the expansion of the Lee County Jail. Additional water capacity is needed to manage a new fire suppression system.

Fort Madison has also hired Burlington-based Carl A. Nelson Construction to build the city's new sewer disinfection facility for around $900,000. The structure will be built in Riverview Park early next year.

It will house the chemicals used to disinfect the sewer run-off produced during heavy rain. Fort Madison hopes the disinfection pilot program will allow the city to avoid the separation of the city's storm-water and sanitary sewer system.

The contract came in about $325,000 below original estimates.