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Fort Madison Approves Wage Hike

Fort Madison, IA – The Fort Madison City Council has signed off on new employment contracts with union members in the police and fire departments. Each contract runs for two years.

City Manager Byron Smith says each contract includes a pair of wage hikes. Police officers and firefighters will receive a 1% increase on July 1 and a 1% increase on January 1.

Smith says Fort Madison did set aside money in next year's budget for employee pay hikes.

The new contracts also require an employee contribution for single and family insurance policy. Police officers and firefighters will pay 4% of a single plan and 8% of a family policy.

Smith says wages and insurance are not settled in year two of the contract. He says both issues, plus one of either side's choosing, will be renegotiated next year.

Smith says the new contracts also call for a change in how overtime is calculated. He says employees using sick leave would have to make that time up before qualifying for overtime during a pay period.

Fort Madison is still negotiating with union employees in the public works department, the water department, and the public library. Smith says the two sides have already met with a mediator.