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Fort Madison Adopting Community Theme

Fort Madison, IA –

"Fort Madison - Always Moving."

That tagline is the result of a series of tours and meetings between Fort Madison residents and business owners and a consulting firm out of South Carolina.

Nora Dukowitz says the idea of creating a "brand" for the community came up when she was hired as executive director of Fort Madison Partners nearly 6 months ago. She says the city and other local organizations have bought into the idea, prompting the hiring of the South Carolina firm.

"Fort Madison - Always Moving" tries to showcase the importance of rail, roads, and the Mississippi River.

Dukowitz says developing a community-wide theme can have a significant impact on Fort Madison. She says it could spur economic development and lead more people to move to, or visit, the community.

Dukowitz says "Fort Madison - Always Moving" will gradually be incorporated into signs, logos, and advertising. She says it still needs to be officially adopted by the Board of Directors for Fort Madison Partners.