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Food Pantry Expects More Families

Nov 1, 2012

The Fort Madison Food Pantry says it is running low on supplies, just as the need for services is expected to increase.

Board Chairman George Gaudette says the organization is serving about 1,000 families in and around the city.

He expects that number to increase as more than 400 people will be losing their jobs at Siemens Wind Energy near Fort Madison in the very near future.

“I wish we were not going to have a bunch more people coming in,” says Gaudette, “but we know they are coming so we are trying to get ready so we can give them some food help.”

Gaudette says stocking the shelves has also become much more expensive for the food pantry.

He says the regional food bank in Ottumwa generally sells food at greatly reduced rates, but supplies are running low there as well, so more food must be bought locally.

Gaudette says that has increased the monthly food bill to increase by about $2,500.

The Fort Madison Daily Democrat has launched a 30-day campaign to drum up support and donations for the pantry.