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Flood Demo Starting Soon in Des Moines County

Burlington, IA – Some flood-damaged properties in Des Moines County will soon be demolished.

Project Manager Jeff Hanan says demolition is tentatively scheduled to begin the week of November 9. He says crews will have 75 days to tear down nearly 30 structures in northern Des Moines County.

Hanan says the structures are primarily on Otter Island or in Huron Township. He says there are a couple located just north of Burlington.

The Des Moines County Board of Supervisors agreed to add three more to the demolition list during its Oct. 27 meeting. Hanan says that will not impact the project because the demolition has not gotten underway.

Hanan says the condition of the structures requires them to come down. He says they are eminent threats of collapse or to health and public safety.

Des Moines County hired First Construction Group (Burlington) to complete the demolition. Hanan says the project will cost more than $1-million.

Hanan says the county was recently informed that FEMA will cover the cost of the demolition. He says current owners will still own the properties after the structures are gone.

Crews are expected to start with 4 properties on Otter Island because of concerns about access in coming weeks. Hanan says Louisa County's demolition program is starting to move forward.