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Fixing Problems at the Landfill

Carthage, IL – Carthage's Mayor says there are drainage issues at the city's sanitary landfill.

Jim Nightingale anticipates it will cost $50,000-to-60,000 to fix. "There's a big ditch down there and it's eroding," says Nightingale. "It needs to have rock put in and the tile needs to be replaced."

"They put in the pipes for the down shoots to try to clean up the water that's out there," says Nightingale.

Nightingale says a decision on how to fix the problems at the sanitary landfill will be made at the next council meeting. "We've got a proposal from our engineer on how to remedy that," says Nightingale. "The committee is going to take a look at that proposal."

He hopes the issue can be resolved before fall. Nightingale says the city does have enough money in the budget to pay for the project. "We are probably going to have to something soon," Nightingale says.

Nightingale says the city needs approval from the Illinois EPA before the work can begin. "Then they'll have to do the inspection of the job," says Nightingale. "Then they'll put out the specs and bid the project."