FEMA Revises Flood Map for Carthage

Jan 26, 2012

The newest flood map from the Federal Emergency Management Agency expands the flood plain in Carthage. FEMA has been taking advantage of satellite photography and GIS technology to update its flood maps.

Mayor Jim Nightingale said some residents will be surprised by the results.

He said,  “There's a lot of questions on this, you know.   It's a big part of the center of the city and I think there's people that didn't think they were in a flood plain, which they are.”

More residents might have to buy flood insurance. Lending institutions would require the insurance if a property in the flood plain is sold.

Nightingale has contacted the state's flood plain manager,  Paul Osman.  He said Osman is willing to visit Carthage to meet with residents and answer their questions.

The date for the visit has not been set.