Feasibility Study Underway

Bushnell, IL – Three western Illinois school districts will soon receive the results of a reorganization feasibility study. Avon, Abingdon, and the Bushnell-Prairie City districts hired William Phillips to conduct the study.

BPC Superintendent Dave Messersmith says Phillips is from the University of Illinois at Springfield. He's conducted more than 30 feasibility studies across the state. "He'll gather information from all three school districts about our finances, our curriculum, location and demographics," says Messersmith. "He and two others who are working with him will make a determination if reorganization is feasible at this time."

Messersmith says the overall cost of the study is $10,000. He says a state grant will cover $7,500 of the cost.

Messersmith hopes the study will be completed by February. "It will probably take three or four months to complete," says Messersmith. "Then we hope to have a meeting where the public will be invited to sit down and view the results of the study."

Messersmith says the BPC school district decided to take part in the study, because their doors are always open. "If there are opportunities out there for children, it is important for us to take a look at that," Messersmith says.

"I am looking forward to hearing what the experts have to say and what the study will show," says Messersmith. "The goal of the study is to try to get something for the kids put together."