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Expansion Possible for West Burlington Schools

Aug 20, 2014

The West Burlington School District is trying to keep up with its ever-increasing enrollment.

Credit American Red Cross

Superintendent Dave Schmitt said the boost can be traced back to students who live in the district and to students who open-enroll.  Iowa law allows parents or guardians to enroll their students in nearby districts.

He said the additional enrollment prompted the school board to consider an expansion project. He said the district can borrow about $5.5 million, which is just about where the construction estimates have settled.

"It looks like what the board is interested in spending and our needs and matching up with the estimates all seem to be coming in line," Schmitt said.

The proposed expansion includes additional classrooms, improved kitchens, and a renovated media center.

Schmitt said the district will soon pay off a couple of significant projects, allowing those debt payments to roll over to the expansion. But the school district will still have to borrow some of the money needed so a bond referendum could be held as early as December.

Schmitt said the school board would have to agree next month to put the question before voters.