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Expansion Planned for Rushville Detention Center

Feb 11, 2013

A facility that houses violent sexual offenders will soon undergo a multi-million dollar expansion.

The Rushville Treatment and Detention facility houses residents classified as sexually violent persons after they finish prison sentences.

State Senator John Sullivan (D-Rushville) says it is overcrowded and needs to be expanded.

The facility was built to accommodate about 480 residents, but its current population is just over 500.  Sullivan recently introduced legislation to transfer the residents during construction.

Credit Rich Egger

He said some lawmakers have discussed the idea of building other facilities closer to Chicago to house the extra residents.

"I think that it would be more economical to have everybody housed in one facility and that the most cost efficient thing we could do is expand, or add onto the current facility there in Rushville," Sullivan said, "and that's what I'm working towards and this is really a huge step in that direction."

The first phase of the $13-million expansion is already funded.  It will add 100 beds to the facility.

Funding still needs to be secured for the second phase which would add space for another 200 detainees.

Construction of the first phase should begin by early March and be finished by late summer or early fall.