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Employment Expo at SRC in Macomb

Jun 19, 2013

Those who want a hand in their job hunting will get a chance to do during the Road Map to Success Employment Expo, Friday, June 21, 10:00 am to noon at the Spoon River College Community Outreach Center.

The free event will include employers such as Farm King, The Elms, and Fusion Technology that are looking for people to fill various positions.

Andrea Barbknecht, Technology Coordinator for SRC, said it’s likely someone will walk away from the expo with a job.

SRC's Community Outreach Center in Macomb
Credit Rich Egger

“All the employers who are coming to have booths there have openings right now,” said Barbknecht, “So there’s a good chance that folks who come have a good shot at a job.”

Barbknecht said having a high school diploma is a bonus when applying for a job. She also said having a high ACT score and some college education are qualities that are good to have when applying.

The expo will begin with a panel discussion from area employers about hiring practices, current openings, and other topics.

“The employers give hints about ‘Here are the soft skills you need, here are the computer skills you need, here’s what we’re looking for,’” said Barbknecht. “We have a section of do’s and don’ts: Do come in and dress professionally, don’t wear flip-flops. So the employers have a chance to really do an educational component.

Participants will have a chance to turn in applications to employers.