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Emphasis - September 25

Rushville, IL – This week's program features a history walk around Rushville's square. "Current Locations - Distant Memories" was presented by the Schuyler Arts Council.

Local actors in period costumes portrayed people from Rushville's past while standing outside locations on the city's historic square. They described the significance of those buildings.

In order of appearance:

I. N. Vedder was portrayed by Garry Moreland. The script about the corner drug store was written by Carol Walker and Garry Moreland.

Elizabeth Carrick was portrayed by Sylvia Herr. The script about Carrick's Dry Goods was written by Bob Teel.

Allen Walker was portrayed by David Haney, who is a direct descendant of Walker. The script about the Phoenix Opera House was written by Jane Boyd-Wendling.

Mary Beard Nell was portrayed by Sarah Chenoweth. The script about the hardware store on the south side of the square was written by Jane Boyd-Wendling.

Alice Dyson was portrayed by Kay Brown. The script was about the local newspaper written by Jane Boyd-Wendling.

Maxwell Kennedy was portrayed by Reverend John Sowers. The script about the Kennedy Normal School was written by Judy Robbins.

Joseph Kerr was portrayed by Tyler Herald. The script about the hardware store that continues today was written by Chuck Cunningham.