Emphasis - April 15

West Burlington, IA – Jason Parrott's guest is Mike Norris. He is the Executive Director of the Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission.

They talk about his new job, the organization's annual report, and some ongoing projects.

Norris was promoted to his current job about eight months ago.

He says his initial goals were to review staffing levels, help the SEIRPC moving into its new home, and introduce himself to the counties he serves (Lee, Des Moines, Henry, Louisa).

Norris says the biggest project for the organization is the coordination of recovery efforts from the Flood of 2008.

He says more than $20-million dollars was secured during the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2010.

Norris says the SEIRPC continues to operate multiple revolving loan funds throughout the four counties. He says roughly three dozen loans are in place at a value of more than $2.5-million.

Norris says work also continues on several road projects and the Flint River Trail.

He says SEIRPC is also working to expand the service of SEIBUS. There will be an extra trip to Iowa City added for medical services.

Norris says an upcoming project for the commission is to consolidate regional planning documents in areas such as transportation, housing, and infrastructure.

He says the idea is to bundle services and perhaps increase opportunities for state and federal funding for large-scale projects.