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Emmet-Chalmers Upgrades Truck Lighting

Macomb, IL – The Emmet Chalmers Fire Protection district has received a $5,370 grant to install new emergency lights on one of its trucks.

Fire Chief David Estes says the truck is now equipped with state of the art LED lights, which he says will increase visibility as the crew is out on calls.

He says the improved visibility is especially important given the local terrain.

"We've got the new highway that comes through our district with 136 and 336, we also have 67 on the edge of our district. We have some rural roads we have to deal with," says Estes. "We just want to be more visible when we're out responding to calls for the safety of our firefighters and for the public as well.

The LED lights replace standard incandescent bulbs that were on what Estes calls the "main" truck. Those lights will be placed on some of the department's older, smaller trucks.

"The older trucks are getting the hand-me-downs, I guess," says Estes.

The grant is being furnished by Arlington/Roe & Company, as well as the Fireman's Fund Insurance Company. It's part of a national program headed up by Fireman's Fund, which has donated $25 million to more than 1,500 departments nationwide since 2004.