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Election Sites Changing In Lee County

Lee County, IA – Some Lee County residents will be voting at a new location during Tuesday's school board elections. Two of Fort Madison's polling locations are being replaced. The permanent changes take effect during these school board elections. County Auditor Anne Pedersen says residents who normally go to Lincoln School to vote will now cast their ballots at Saint Mary's Parish Center. She says the change is needed because Lincoln School does not have the handicapped accessible parking requireed by the Help America Vote Act. Pedersen also says Richardson School will no longer be used because of parking problems and conjestion with school in session. She says the new polling location will be Hillview Village. Voter turnout is expected to be the highest within the Central Lee school district, with two contested board races. Pedersen says turnout could be around 5% in Keokuk and Fort Madison, where there are no contested school board races.